As I talked about earlier, I believe like the complimentary Feeld membership offers you everything you need

As I talked about earlier, I believe like the complimentary Feeld membership offers you everything you need

What can you will do with a no cost membership?

When I pointed out earlier in the day, personally i think as though the free Feeld account provides all you need.

As you can get a grip on the person you see, fit with these people and chat, thata€™s about all you have here.

Although I did make use of the settled type for this review, those a€?Majestica€? features didna€™t influence the result. I would personally have experienced, paired with, talked to and satisfied those exact same lovers regarding free adaptation.

Read below for a listing of features distinctive with their a€?Majestica€? account.


Like their much more popular competitors, Feeld is actually an online dating app without any advertisements whatsoever. Apparently, the earnings off their Majestic users will do, as that seems to be their unique sole source of income.

Ia€™ve been using the app for six weeks now a€” about a couple of weeks free plus the others as a Majestic member. Ia€™ve yet to see one ad of any kind which enhances the as a whole reliable feel for the application.

Thereon notice, if you use it and enjoy the software, you might want to think about the paid type merely to support the builders.


The cost model for your Feeld dating app really is easy due to the fact bring two choice. Free or perhaps the paid a€?Majestica€? membership.

The compensated membership provides two possibilities. Either month-to-month for $11.99 or 90 days for $23.99 (USD), making it $8.00 per month.

Whenever registering for the Majestic account, you get these perks:

In my opinion, none of those are a good adequate explanation to pay for the registration. The only real element i discovered vaguely useful ended up being witnessing which liked me personally. Even then though, it wasna€™t a game-changer.

As I pointed out before, i do believe the greatest reason to pay for this software would be to support the designers. Theya€™ve produced a powerful, reliable app without advertisements, and that I genuinely believe thata€™s really worth promote.

Feeld application evaluation a€” FAQ

Feeld is actually a prominent and interesting application. Naturally, which means people are asking a lot of questions regarding they.

To complete upwards my personal analysis, i desired to debate the more usual subject areas Ia€™ve seen people asking over. If Ia€™ve missed anything, go on and find out about they when you look at the feedback, and in addition we can update they for your needs here!


Feeld try an online dating app created for more than just private relationship. Title, Feeld, is actually a regard to a€?playing the fielda€™ which sums right up exactly the reason for the software.

The main focus is always to allow people to meet up and explore their own sex with others. Whether youra€™re unmarried or perhaps in a relationship, it allows one to check out the kinks easily.

You have even the opportunity to link your account with your partnera€™s to fit and chat along.

Which in fact has Feeld?

Feeld was possessed by Feeld Lts, a London-based startup company based in 2014.

How does Feeld jobs?

Feeld are an online dating app designed for singles and lovers trying check out with other people.

At the key, ita€™s like almost every other online dating application. Your setup a profile and identify several fundamental parameters, like point and era.

From there, youra€™re served with pages of individuals who compliment those parameters, and you decide if youra€™re into them or perhaps not. If the two of you sugardaddy or are interested in both, ita€™s a match (or a€?Connectiona€?, in Feeld parlance) and are absolve to chat and intensify after that.

The biggest difference is because ita€™s also created for partners to use collectively, possible connect pages. If you see the profile of a lady whom states shea€™s in a relationship and theya€™re looking a 3rd, you can easily search straight down and determine their visibility also.

How will you browse

Since Feeld are a dating app in the place of a site, you cana€™t a€?searcha€™ in old-fashioned feeling. Alternatively, youra€™re given various suits in your neighborhood that fit your criteria.

Each fit you can see, you can tap the center if you love all of them or even the a€?-a€™ should you decide dona€™t. If you love anyone as well as as if you also, thata€™s a match. Anyone can talk.

How do I get in touch with

You need their assistance webpage at

Are Feeld a real app?

Yes, Feeld try a real app thata€™s mildly common.

Are legitimate?

Yes, Feeld are a legitimate dating software. You will findna€™t run into any indication that might indicates if not. Actually, i’vena€™t actually observed any reference to a Feeld scam online, and is extremely promising.

Was Feeld a scam or artificial?

No, there’s no Feeld fraud. All communications Ia€™ve got with users within this app currently legitimate.

Try safe?

Yes, are a safe app to utilize. However, just like any various other hookup app, you ought to workouts extreme caution when satisfying with anyone or exchanging contact information.

How can Feeld incorporate Fb?

Feeld makes use of myspace as a straightforward, safe method to verify individual profile and get older. Herea€™s exactly what Feeld has to state about any of it on their website:

a€?we realize not everybody enjoys Facebook, but theya€™ve constructed a solid confirmation program that individuals use maintain Feeld a safe people of genuine peoplea€¦ it does make us safer than some other dating sitesa€¦a€?

Ita€™s also essential to see they dona€™t connect to your own fb profile after all beyond verification. The application won’t publish to your schedule, submit private messages or do anything that lets your Twitter family understand make use of Feeld.

Can I feel concealed from my personal Facebook family on Feeld?

Yes. For an added amount of anonymity, you’ll be able to hide your own visibility from any Twitter buddies which use Feeld.

To achieve this, youra€™ll want to pay money for their Majestic membership. When youa€™ve completed this, go to your visibility, tap Majestic Membership subsequently tap the slider to stimulate a€?Hide from Friendsa€?.

What exactly are Feeld alternatives?

There are countless choices to Feeld. We can easily compose a whole post to resolve this question alone. . . therefore we did! If you’d like some alternatives to Feeld, go ahead and take a look at the finest Hookup programs and websites.

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